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 1. A Sea faring Mystery FREE! 
The name Mary Celeste has become synonymous with concepts like "The ghost ship from Scooby Doo," but it endures as a true and tragic tale of the sea. The story begins on Nov. 4, 1872, with a friendly dinner engagement between old friends Captain Morehouse and Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs. Morehouse was captain of the English cargo ship Dei Gratia, while Briggs commanded the American brig Mary Celeste. The two vessels happened to be moored at neighboring piers on New York's East River and the Mary Celeste was due to set sail the next day...
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 2. A study on the detective story FREE! 
The XX-th century is coming to an end. Literature worldwide has experienced all kinds of narrative structures ( if we are to refer only to prose) along the time , from the total omniscience to what was called "the death of the author". There are literary works which are not accessible to every one. It is here a question of taste and also of culture. But the detective fiction has gained so wide an audience to read and most of all it is entertaining...
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 3. About music FREE! 
The mankind liked the sound of the music and the twitter of the birds, from the beginning. By the time the music has been develop, so in this state appeared many people with great talent beginning with Orpheus, and finishing with Luciano Pavarotti (born 1935, Italian operatic tenor) or George Gershwin (1898-1937, U.S. composer in whose works the frontiers between classical and light music spontaneously and naturally disappear). That’s the reason why all the civilizations gave a big attention to the musical education. Around the music was borne a fantastic world of popular legends, with fabulous creatures and people...
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 4. Alice’s aventures in Wonderland FREE! 
In "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" the narrator does not introduce himself as a character. Lewis Carroll uses 3rd person narrative. Yet, everything in the story is seen, heard or thought happens which she cannot sense, or in places where she is not present. This kind of point of view is called selective omniscience, that is the author knows everything, but only through one character's consciousness. Other books in which author uses the same point of view are "Amintiri din copilarie" and other novels written by the romanian writer Ion Creanga...
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 5. Archicteture FREE! 
In the 1920s and '30s, Le Corbusier's most significant work was in urban planning. In such published plans as La Ville Contemporaine (1922), the Plan Voisin de Paris (1925), and the several Villes Radieuses (1930-36), he advanced ideas dramatically different from the comfortable, low-rise communities proposed by earlier garden city planners. During this 20-year span he also built many villas and several small apartment complexes and office buildings. In these hard-edged, smooth-surfaced, geometric volumes, he created a language of what he called "pure prisms"--rectangular blocks of concrete, steel, and glass, usually raised above the ground on stilts, or pilotis, and often endowed with roof gardens intended to compensate for the loss of usable floor area at ground level...
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